Our Vision

FBG's Vision 鲜炖好企业愿景: 

In view of, there are many bird nest products in the market are not pure and having long shelf life. Furthermore, bird’s nest active nutrients would deteriorating over the time. Thus FBG’s vision is to produce purest, freshest, natural, with bioactive ingredients of bird’s nest products for our customers. Although we have been in the bird's nest industry for 16 years, we still persevere, and constantly improve and make progress in order to achieve the corporate vision of FBG.

因此,鲜炖好的愿景是为我们的客户,鲜炖,100%纯净,天然,含活性营养的燕窝珍品。虽然在燕窝行业里已有16年光景,但还是坚持不懈,实实在在, 时时刻刻铭记,不断改良进步,以期达到鲜炖好企业愿景。


FBG's Mission 鲜炖好企业使命:
Three Refuses





Five Insists