Our Uniqueness






The freshness which can be tasted.
How to Taste Our Freshness?
You can taste our freshness by savoring the SPECIAL aroma of bird’s nest sialic acid contained in every single bottle of bird’s nest freshly boiled by FBG.



接单鲜炖, 冷鲜配送
Boil to order. Freshly boil & cold box expresses delivery.





鲜炖好 豪华装 鲜炖燕窝 固形物含量 > 82%
FBG Luxury Freshly Boiled Bird's nest solid content > 82%

To enjoy mouthful of concerntrated and smoothness of bird’s nest.

鲜炖好 经典装 鲜炖燕窝 固形物含量 > 60%
FBG Classic Freshly Boiled Bird's nest solid content > 60%

To enjoy mouthful smoothness of bird’s nest.


黄金配比  Golden combination

  • 采用自家100%纯净燕窝
    Using 100% pure bird's nest hand-cleaned by our own factory

  • 八层过滤干净能量水
    Eight layers of filtered clean energy water

  • 精选优质蔗糖
    Selected high-quality cane sugar



The technique of preserving freshness and active nutrients

Adopted the most effective temperature profile and time boiling bird’s nest, to preserve the freshness and active nutrients



Sialic Acid  laboratory test report



采用自家生产优质燕窝, 全手工清洗燕窝
Use only our own factory handmade pure bird’s nest



Stringent Quality Control

  • 食品级瓶盖
    Food grade bottle and cap

  • 瓶装灭菌
    Sterilized with a sealed bottle

  • 灯检出厂
    Outgoing QA inspection