FBG Bird's Nest October Offer 鲜炖好燕窝 十月优惠

鲜炖好燕窝 十月优惠



终于找到RITAMIX 清肺排毒汤。 鲜炖好燕窝+ RITAMIX清肺排毒汤(茶包), 会更加好的润肺,排毒,增强肺功能,在疫情底下更好的保护自己和家人。


FBG Bird's Nest October Offer

The government is about to relax the movement controls and allow to travel interstates. Although the pandemic is on a downward trend, after neighboring Singapore loosened movement control and open all economic activities, the pandemic worsened again, so that need to be careful.

Since ancient times, Chinese have eaten bird's nest to moisturize their lungs and enhance their lung function. The health tea gift of FBG bird's nest in September was highly appreciated by customers. In October, the FBG bird's nest decided to continue to give the customers the benefits of gifts. After thinking and thinking, what gifts should be given to complement the FBG bird's nest and give more benefits to customers? 

Finally found RITAMIX Qingfei Paidu Decoction. FBG bird's nest + RITAMIX Qingfei Detox Soup (tea bag),   will better moisturize the lungs, detoxify, enhance lung function, and better protect yourself and your family from the pandemic.